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The PSI Sustainability Awards haven’t just revolutionised the product award rubric. Recognising the corporate CSR and sustainability profile as a whole, the PSI Sustainability Awards systematically go beyond a pure product award. Besides all submitted certificates, non-certified but documented in-house initiatives and contributions to sustainability are evaluated, as well.

Any company that faces this issue before being forced to do so by the law makes a contribution to its corporate future.

Terms and Conditions of Participation 2021

The Categories

Category 1: Economic Excellence


Category 2: Environmental Excellence


Category 3: Social Excellence


Category 4: Environment Initiative


Category 5: Social Initiative


Category 6: Sustainable Product


Category 7: Sustainable Campaign


Category 8: Innovator of the Year


Category 9: Sustainable Company of the Year

Overall Winner

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The jury 2019

The PSI Sustainability Awards are intended as a contribution to making not just the world of promotional products a little bit better, but also the world as a whole. It’s a high-minded goal. In order reach it, we invited people to sit on the awards jury who care deeply about sustainability. All of them have shown throughout their careers that they’re putting responsibility into action.

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The winners

The awards 2021

The winners of the PSI Sustainability Awards 2021 will be honoured for the first time in January 2021 during the PSI trade fair. The winners will be awarded in a festive atmosphere and will be the focus of the European promotional products network on this evening. You will receive further information here soon.

Everything about the award winners
Empfangsbereich bei den PSI Sustainability Awards
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